Farm Grown and Wild Harvested

Herbal Bundles

Fragrant and beautiful herb bundles on the stem. Great for inviting peace and happiness into your home or office.

Alluring scents for all occasions

Incense From Around the World

Create a captivating atmosphere with some of the worlds best incense! Cones, sticks, smudges, powders and accessories.

Beautiful scents and great intent!

Blessed Herbal Candles

Blessed Herbal Candles are created with herbs, oils and related colors to help achieve your dreams. Each candle includes a beautiful uplifting blessing and message.

Cute and practical

Bottles & Jars

We have a great selection of jars, bottles and other containers. Great for storing herbs, stones, shells other little treasures.

Check them out!

Crystal Balls

High Quality Crystal Balls & Gemstone Spheres for great conversation piece and inspiring decoration.

Double, double toil and trouble

Enchanting Cauldrons

Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Use these wonderfully crafted cauldrons and kettles for incense, decoration and more!

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Pheromone Oils

Bold scents with potent results! Whether you are trying to attract love or a little luck, these pheromones have you covered.

Clay & Raku Bottles

Decorative bottles and jars for your home from kitchen to bath. You will love filling these bottles with oils, perfumes, spices and more. These are practical and beautiful!

Fragrance Oils

Use these deliciously scented oils in diffusers or warmers to create a unique ambiance as well as create soaps, candles, bath products, sea salts and incense.

Handcrafted Brooms

Traditional Old World Brooms! Handcrafted with quality materials in a time-honored style. Great for decoration and practical use.