You Will Be Wyld About Us!



Welcome to BeWyld! For over 22 years, We have been providing gifts and treasures to wonderful customers.

Our ventures on the eastern shore from Florida to Maine for the past 35+ years have blessed us with great times and memories. From canoeing the shores, walking the woods, gardening the earth to crafting with wood, shells, herbs and more, we love sharing gifts of nature.

We saw the need for fine crafted items, funtional wares, unique gifts and collectible items priced at affordable prices. We also envisioned retailing handmade items which would also provide income for craftspersons. In our search for statuary, jewelry and more, we have met and joined with a circle of artists who share their wares with you here at BeWyld. We began selling online out of our home in 1997 and are now outgrowing our third warehouse!


New to BeWyld? We are certain you will love the line of goodies from seasonal gifts to kitchen ware, cute statuary to stunning jewelry. And, of course you will enjoy a bit of fun on the Wyld side just as we do.

We began as only "Mom & Pop" doing all the work and now have six employees (who we think of as co-workers/family) working with us as well as artists and craftspersons.

Our staff is the best! We have read in all the "employment manuals" a great place to work is where there is laughter. We can not take all the credit for that! The BeWyld Staff has have created a lovely space to co-work! With their cooperative manner of hiring, they have established an enjoyable and efficient work space. In creating a pleasant work atmosphere, they work efficiently in fulfilling your orders, providing you with the best customer service and don't dread going to work because each day is new and exciting at BeWyld.


Not only do the BeWyld Co-Workers search for new items, stock the shelves and give you the best customer service - We have also designed and created an easy to use website for an enjoyable shopping experience. We listen to our customers and strive to give you frustration-free online shopping! From account login and browsing to purchase and receiving your goods, our staff is here for YOU making each step, from logon to checkout, an easy transaction.

What do our customers rave most about? The wonderful herbal aroma when their package arrives; real people who have personally signed their receipt and the surprise - free gift of our appreciation!

As in the beginning of our Mom & Pop Shop, we still see the need for quality merchandise at affordable pricing. Over the years, there have been many changes -- Popular themes have come and gone; some items remain fashionable and stylish; and we continue to delight in making items and searching for new items to add to our line as well as searching out new artists to join us. We listen to Your Needs and Wishes of providing you with unique, fun and affordable items as well as providing you with outstanding service.


I was told I should write this because you want to read more!

Jeff and I began in a little historical town in Northern Virginia. We met at work... he was the gardner and as he tells the story, I was the maid. (I did clean the historical house we worked at but there was a gift shop there I loved working in!) Just months after getting to know one another, we took one another's hand, hopped in the canoe and began the adventure!

We left Virgina and went to Maine with a teepee. Cold, Maine winter found us seeking shelter with a friend on Cape Cod. Canoeing continued, crafting grew, the want of a small shop with books, cards, gifts, crafts and collectibles grew. We struggled finding an outlet for our crafting through the years but kept at it and then wow wee lo and behold - the internet! And during all that we had a son!

Settling on the eastern shore of Maryland for a bit, our dreams of a shop began to unfold! Starting in our home storing merchandise for the online shop while homeschooling our son, life was an adventure! We opened a brick-and-mortar store and had an employee. An employee! We had the brick-and-mortar for a short period because it was online shoppers who were requesting more and more.

Our son grew older, our business grew and on to NY state we went where we expanded beyond just us and one employee thanks to our every growing and delighted customers!

Fast forward to now, our son and daughter-in-law have blessed us with a granddaughter! Our son and co-workers now manage a majority of the business. There are six co-workers along with the two of us and numerous crafters. Many ask about stopping in to shop and maybe in the future, we will have a boutique in your town! Who knows - the adventure is still on! As our friends are retiring and many ask when we will retire - we are like "what is that?" We love what we do! We may sit back a bit more in the near future and get in that canoe again and do a bit more crafting and play with our grandchild, but we do sincerely love what we have created!

Thank you for taking the time to join us! 
Sandy, Jeff, Corey, Will, Jeffrey, Sophie, Ric and Tara