Sage and Sweetgrass Smudge Stick

Sage and Sweetgrass Smudge Stick

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Desert Sage & Sweetgrass
5 inch Smudge Stick

This powerful smudge stick combines the powerful properties of sage with the sweet aroma and healing abilities of Sweetgrass. This is perfect for any smoke cleanse, consecration or aromatherapy.

Each stick is individually wrapped and measures approximately 5 inches.

Features of Sweetgrass:

Use for Smudging, Psychic Abilities and for Enhancing Dream Time. The smoke of the burning sweetgrass is known for purification and clearing/cleansing objects, spaces and people. For use in all Healing, Energy & Cleansing Work to bring in the Good & Positive.

For your Dream Time: Hang near your bed (accents dream catchers also!) to influence dreams and aids in psychic abilities.

This "Herb Spirit" is used in the Craft to add to dream bags and pillows. Add amounts and variations for the effects you desire. Each of us is different and choosing the herbs that work for you will probably require experimentation, meditation and magic. Experiment and enjoy the Art of Herbal Dream Magic.

Sacred Desert Sage is traditionally used for Smudging. Purification by smoke. Desert Sage can be considered a Yin Sage smudge.

Desert Sage is used for:

  • Healing
  • Energy
  • Cleansing
  • Drive Away Bad Spirits
  • Drive Away Bad Feelings
  • Drive Away Negatives
  • Draw Wisdom
  • Draw Strength



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