From Natural Points to Pendulums and clusters- We offer a wide array of stunning crystal pieces. Each piece is unique and will add a little touch of Magic to any space!

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  1. Amethyst Chips in Glass Bottle
  2. Black Tourmaline Obelisk Black Tourmaline Obelisk
  3. Black Tourmaline, Natural Black Tourmaline, Natural
  4. Calcite Natural Green
  5. Carnelian Chips in Glass Bottle
  6. Citrine Chips in Glass Bottle
  7. Citrine Cluster, Small
  8. Fluorite Generator
  9. Fluorite Obelisk
  10. Garnet Chips in Glass Bottle
  11. Gold Flecks in Glass Bottle
  12. Lepidolite Pendulum
  13. Natural Magnetic Sand
  14. Natural Rose Quartz, 5 of
  15. Peridot Chips in Glass Bottle
  16. Pyramid, Amethyst
  17. Pyrite Nugget Pyrite Nugget
  18. Quartz Crystal Cluster - One-of-a-Kind #9
  19. Quartz Crystal Cluster 2.5 to 4 Inches
  20. Selenite  Wand
  21. Sodalite Faceted Pendulum
  22. Turquoise Chips in Glass Bottle
  23. Agate Slice
    Out of Stock
  24. Desert Rose
    Out of Stock
  25. Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk
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Grid List

25 Items

Set Descending Direction