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Each of our pendants is intricately designed and excellently made. Each piece has its own unique personality and is a wonderful addition that will enhance any collection.

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  1. Alchemical Mandala Pendant Alchemical Mandala Pendant
  2. Amethyst Chakra Pendant
  3. Balance Amulet
  4. Beaver Totem Amulet
    Beaver Totem Amulet
    Special Price $4.25 Regular Price $5.25
  5. Besom Fairy Pendant Besom Fairy Pendant
  6. Black Agate Chakra Pendant
  7. Blue Goldstone Chakra Pendant
    Blue Goldstone Chakra Pendant
    Special Price $6.99 Regular Price $9.99
  8. Cat Picture Pendant
    Cat Picture Pendant
    Special Price $12.99 Regular Price $17.50
  9. Celtic Horse Pendant
  10. Chakra Tree of Life Pendant
  11. Clear Quartz Chakra Pendant
  12. Double Triquetra Pendant
  13. Fluorite Double Point Pendant
  14. Goldstone Chakra Pendant
  15. Green Aventurine Chakra Pendant
  16. Lapis Lazuli Chakra Pendant
  17. Money Charm
  18. Oak Leaf Silver Charm Oak Leaf Silver Charm
  19. Opalite Chakra Pendant
  20. Opalite Double Point Pendant
  21. Owl on Crescent Moon Pendant Owl on Crescent Moon Pendant
  22. Protection Amulet
  23. Raven Charm Pendant Raven Charm Pendant
  24. Raven Totem Amulet
  25. Rose Quartz Chakra Pendant
  26. Rose Quartz Double Point Pendant
  27. Sun Talisman
  28. Triquetra Charm
  29. Acorn Oak Leaf Pendant
    Out of Stock
  30. Bear Totem Amulet
    Out of Stock
  31. Black Tourmaline Pendant
    Out of Stock
  32. Crescent Moon Goddess Pendant
    Out of Stock
  33. Green Man Pendant with Amber
    Out of Stock
  34. Lizard Totem Amulet, Gold
    Out of Stock
    Lizard Totem Amulet, Gold
    Special Price $3.99 Regular Price $5.75
  35. Oak, Ash and Thorn Oak, Ash and Thorn
    Out of Stock
  36. Phoenix Rises with Malachite - LIMITED
    Out of Stock
Grid List

36 Items

Set Descending Direction